Andrea Guarneri
(b. c1626 ; d. 7th December, 1698)

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(Pupil of Nicolo Amati)

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Married: Anna Maria Orcelli, 1652
7 children of which Pietro Giovanni and Giuseppe Giovanni Battista were instrument makers

Synopsis of contents of chapter one of The Violin Makers of the Guarneri family, Their Life and Work
  • Andrea Guarneri, born 1626, died 1698, founder of the family of five violin makers all master craftsmen.
  • None gave proof of great productivity.
  • The Guarneri of ancient lineage.
  • State of violin-making previous to and at time of birth of Andrea.
  • The Amati - their inspiration from Brescia.
  • Comparison with Maggini.
  • Amati decision to take pupils.
  • Francesco Ruger.
  • Andrea Guarneri, son of Bartolomeo, starts in workshop about 1636.
  • His name figuring in census returns of N. Amati in 1641 as son of Bartolomeo Guarneri, profession unknown, wood-carver perhaps.
  • Andrea marries Anna Maria Orcelli in 1652.
  • Leaves Amati household in 1654-census returns of Casa Orcelli.
  • The master working on his own account.
  • Criticism of Andrea as craftsman.
  • Brescian violins, Gasparo and Maggini, Andrea Amati. Their different forms.
  • Analysis of the work of Andrea Guarneri, wood used.
  • The varnish.
  • Making of cheaper instruments.
  • Viola constructed by him.
  • His violoncellos.
  • His assistants, Pietro of Mantua, Giuseppe Giovanni, the others.
  • Paolo Grancino.
  • The master's first will, 1687. Its contents.
  • Second will of 1692.
  • Third will of 1694.
  • Death of Anna Maria Orcelli, his wife, in 1695.
  • The death of the master in in 1698.
  • The succession to the workshop.
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