Giuseppe Guarneri filius Andreae
(b. 25th November, 1666; d. c1740)

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(Baptised: Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Guarneri )[ Instrument list ] [Introduction]

Married: Barbara Franchi, 1690
(6 Children of which Pietro of Venice and Bartolomeo Giuseppe del Gesu were instrument makers)
Synopsis of contents of chapter III of The Violin Makers of the Guarneri family, Their Life and Work
  • Giuseppe Giovanni Battista Guarneri, known as Joseph filius Andreae, born 1666, died 1739-40, younger brother of Pietro of Mantua, succeeded to workshop of his father Andrea, was a skilled worker.
  • Was father of Guiseppe (sic) del Gesu.
  • Census return of Casa Guarneri in 1692.
  • The master's environment in 1698.
  • The signing of his own works prior to his death of Andrea.
  • Modification of his style towards 1710.
  • Some works inspired by those of of his brother Pietro.
  • Some after Amati. Analysis of his work.
  • Influence of Stradivari.
  • The master's varnish.
  • Wood utilised.
  • His output of instruments.
  • His violoncellos-their proportions and construction.
  • His private life.
  • Departure of his son Pietro to establish himself himself in Venice.
  • Departure of his son Giuseppe.
  • Death of Barbara Franchi in 1738.
  • Presumed death of the master. Burial certificate not found. Not buried in S.Domenico.
  • Analysis of work of period round (sic) 1715.
  • Actual assistants in workshop a matter of speculation.
  • Absence of original labels. Ignorance of as to authorship of certain instruments.
  • The master's definite pupils. Suggestion as to Carlo Bergonzi. Doubts as to whether he had been a pupil of Stradivari. Points of similarity in work of Bergonzi and the master.
  • Paucity of output from workshop between between 1720-40. Latest example dated 1731.
  • Giuseppe del Gesu, successor to workshop.
  • Final review of master's work. Overshadowed by Stradivari.
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